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About the Major

Are you fascinated by other cultures? Do you want to pursue a career that requires an understanding of global issues and an ability to collaborate with people with diverse cultural backgrounds?

As a global studies major you can concentrate in:

  • Literature, Art & Film
  • Global Health Development
  • Global Political Economy & Institutions
  • Global Societies – Human Rights
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Acquire skills for cross-cultural collaboration

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Examine global phenomena through multiple disciplines

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Identify and assess global trends


Employers want to hire employees able to navigate a globalized world.

  • Finance manager
  • International trade specialist
  • International development officer
  • Foreign affairs or diplomacy specialist
  • Nonprofit and human services director
  • Relief organization manager
  • International business manager
  • Government and foreign service officer


As part of your major, you will pick a concentration area, select a geographic or cultural region, and learn a language from the region you have chosen.

Sample courses include:

  • GLS 250: Introduction to International Studies
  • GLS 251: Dimensions of Globalization – Language, Literature, and Culture

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