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About the Major

Are you fascinated by the past? As a history major, you can explore the human experience in all its diversity, from the intimacies of family life to the formation of nations to the histories of transcontinental pandemics.

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Uncover the past through texts, images, memories, and artifacts.

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Investigate archives and repositories to write histories that reveal patterns in the past and present.

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Assess and interrogate competing interpretations of the past.


As a history major, you will learn how to dissect and examine evidence and assumptions; plan and organize collaborative and independent projects​; and communicate clearly and effectively. All are highly marketable skills.

  • Educator
  • Media Specialist
  • Museum Curator
  • Legal Advocate
  • Archivist/Librarian
  • Project Manager


Sample courses include:

  • HIST 207: Games and Play in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 280: Sports and Ethnic America, 1900 - Present
  • HIST 310: The Black Death
  • HIST 302U: UA Stories: Creating a Digital Past
  • HIST 328: Cuisine, Culture, and Power
  • HIST 374: The Holocaust
  • HIST 376: Communist China: History and Narrative
  • HIST 349: History of Crime in America, 1607 - Present

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