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Human Rights Practice
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About the Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights Practice will provide you with the knowledge, insights and skills needed to contribute to a more just and equal world. The curriculum emphasizes acquiring the practical capabilities that will enable you to work with an organization aligned with the principles of human rights and your own personal and professional commitments to social justice.

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Coursework in the Human Rights Practice major will enable you to gain a broad understanding of human rights issues around the globe while also offering opportunities to focus on the topics, groups, and locations that concern you the most.


This degree will provide a foundation for skills in many professional fields, including:

  • Government
  • Human rights projects
  • Civil rights organizations
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Research consultancies
  • Issue advocacy


Sample courses include:

  • HRTS 200: Introduction to Human Rights
  • HRTS 250: Current Issues in Human Rights
  • HRTS 300: Human Rights in the US
  • HRTS 305: Human Rights Stories

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