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About the Major

Are you fascinated by the intersection of information technology and the arts? In this major, you will learn about digital aesthetics, information representation, and computational art culture.

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Learn about creative coding, human-computer interaction, and virtual reality

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Explore interactive art, sound technology, multimedia design, and game development

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Use lasers and 3D printers in a new rapid prototyping lab


Benefit from the rapidly growing field of information science information! You will be qualified for jobs that require interdisciplinary and out-of-the-box thinking, primarily in fields that work with computational data tied to humans interacting with computers.

  • Database administrator
  • Public information officer
  • Web designer
  • Human resources specialist
  • Information system manager
  • Digital marketing director


Sample courses include:

  • ISTA 100: Great Ideas of the Information Age
  • ISTA 130: Computational Thinking and Doing
  • ISTA 161: Ethics in a Digital World
  • ISTA 301: Computing and the Arts
  • ESOC 400: Information, Multimedia Design, and the Moving Image

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