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About the Major

Prepare for life and work in the 21st century by studying issues related to privacy, ethics, information manipulation, and the impact of social media on daily life.

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Learn about social network theories and analysis

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Think critically about information technologies

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Understand the behaviors and biases that underlie digitally mediated communication


Benefit from the rapidly growing field of information science information! You will be qualified for a range of jobs, including:

  • Social media specialist
  • Marketing research analyst
  • Digital marketing director
  • Online content writer/editor
  • Internet applications programmer
  • Web administrator


Sample courses include:

  • ESOC 212: Social Media Across Professions
  • ESOC 213: The Past and New Media
  • ESOC 300: Digital Storytelling and Culture
  • ESOC 313: Digital Discourse and Identity
  • ESOC 317: Digital Crime and Social Media

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