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About the Major

In a rapidly changing world with a 24-7 news cycle, journalism is more important than ever. In this major, you'll focus on the practice of reporting, writing, editing, and disseminating news and information. You can specialize in:

  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Digital Journalism
  • Global Journalism
  • General Journalism
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Produce news reports for print, broadcast, and online media

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Learn how to gather information, analyze it, boil it down, and communicate it effectively

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Understand how to report accurately, quickly, and ethically

Do you love to tell stories, shoot video, fly drones and take photos? Explore what it means to be a Journalism major at the University of Arizona, why journalism is more important than ever and what careers opportunities this degree can prepare you for.


The skills you learn in the journalism major will benefit you in multiple careers.

  • Journalist
  • News Editor
  • Broadcast news analyst
  • Magazine editor
  • Communications director
  • Foreign correspondent


Sample courses include:

  • JOUR 205: Reporting the News
  • JOUR 203: Photojournalism
  • JOUR 208: Law of the Press
  • JOUR 280: Broadcast Writing
  • JOUR 473: Reporting in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

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