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About the Major

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. In this major, you'll study the structure of language and its relationship to cognition, culture, artificial intelligence, literature, neurology, technology, revitalization, and much more. You'll learn from world-renowned faculty (including the UA's own Noam Chomsky). The department also includes faculty experts in language documentation and revitalization, especially for Native American languages.

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Learn how children acquire language

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Understand the structure of language in general and of particular languages

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Explore how language influences how we interact and think about the world


You will be prepared for various careers in teaching, research, and industry.

  • Language teacher
  • Computational linguist
  • Language revitalization consultant
  • Research scientist
  • Language engineer


Sample courses include:

  • LING 300: Introduction to Syntax
  • LING 315: Introduction to Phonology
  • LING 210: American Indian Languages
  • LING 341: Language Development
  • LING 408: Computational Techniques for Linguists

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