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About the Major

Do you enjoy the challenge of grappling with issues that have been studied by world’s greatest thinkers? Are you interested in exploring concepts such as happiness, freedom, justice, morality, ethics, and consciousness? Philosophy might be the right major for you! You can concentrate in:

  • Ethics
  • General Track
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Learn about the history of philosophy 

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Understand how to use logic and critical reasoning to communicate ideas 

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Explore meaning within the human experience 


In philosophy, you will learn skills that employers are looking for: how to think logically, find unique solutions to problems, and communicate them to others.  

  • Business administrator 
  • Attorney 
  • Health care practitioner  
  • Ethics officer 
  • Corporate mediator 
  • Lawyer 
  • Politician 
  • Entrepreneur 

Sample courses include: 

  • PHIL 210: Moral Thinking 
  • PHIL 220: Philosophy of Happiness 
  • PHIL 260: Ancient Philosophy 
  • PHIL 322: Business Ethics 
  • PHIL 324: Law and Morality  
  • PHIL 415: God and the Problem of Evil  

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