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About the Major

Study intensively interdisciplinary topics in small classes to develop a comprehensive understanding of current social, economic, and political issues. Learn from faculty who are part of the #1 political philosophy program in the world!

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Analyze the fundamental values that shape the economic, political, and legal domains

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Understand the moral and historical foundations of economic institutions and political-legal structures

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Develop logical thinking and complex conceptual analysis skills


Prepare for a variety of careers and graduate programs, including law, public policy, business, and philosophy.

  • Policy analyst
  • Legislator
  • Campaign director
  • Community organizer
  • Corporate government liaison
  • Lawyer
  • International relations
  • Lobbyist


While the PPEL major draws on courses from philosophy, politics, law, and economics, the heart of the program is a set of specialized core courses designed exclusively for PPEL majors. Sample courses include:

  • ECON 205: The Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation
  • PHIL 210: Moral Thinking
  • PPEL 320: Classics in Political Economy
  • PPEL 326: Law and Legal Theory
  • PPEL 340: Justice and Welfare

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