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About the Major

Sociology studies the ways that social structures and interactions shape human life. In this major, you will study society’s origins, functions, and problems, focusing on relations among people, groups, classes, organizations and cultures.

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Understand social institutions and practices, ranging from small groups to nations

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Study topics ranging from social inequality, religion, crime, popular culture, and sports

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Learn quantitative and qualitative research methods, from large surveys to in-depth interviewing

Do you want to understand human society and change the world? Explore what it means to be a Sociology major at the University of Arizona and how this degree can prepare you for diverse careers in this video featuring our students, alumni, and faculty.


This degree will provide you a foundation for careers in many professional fields, such as law, criminal justice, health, and social service.

  • Sociologist
  • Demographer
  • Human services worker
  • Labor relations specialist
  • Community relations director
  • Medical worker


Sample courses include:

  • SOC 375: Quantitative Reasoning in Sociology
  • SOC 303: Health and Society
  • SOC 313: Social Movements and Activism
  • SOC 338: Guns in America
  • SOC 459: Sociology of Gender

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